How to build a community of loyalty and trust?

When I first started up my office within my current place of employment, it was just me for a little while before my first co-worker joined me to run through the daily fires. Our relationship formed immediately without any spoken words. I lead and she followed, and some days she lead and I followed.

We were able to literally pick up where the other left off without ever feeling the need to explain anything. Our organic growth was remarkable and truly was a reflection of what we portrayed. Within the office, her and I became a unit, and we were able to build a community within the community we were servicing. The feeling and pride it gave us was something I can't even explain. Till this day I can feel the emotions and feelings of this greatness.

When someone else joined our team, she then ran through the fire with us and shut those fires off! Immediately added value to the community we had already started building.

Our community of caregivers and clients knew they could count on us for ANYTHING that we could possibly control and or help them with. We supported them in every aspect of the word. We cared to get to know them for them, to love them for them, to care for them, to be concerned for them. We showed up authentically to these people and as our full selves, we allowed them the safe space to show up just as authentic and vulnerable as we showed up for them!

First myself, then there were two and eventually three of us! I made sure to show up as my authentic, vulnerable, silly, hard worker, all of it, I SHOWED UP AS ME. Which then allowed everyone else to show up as themselves and to never feel like they had to be someone else. I took the time to know them, we got to know one another, we grew to learn, appreciate and genuinely care about one another! Because when at work, we are building a family away from our families.

Showing up for them was necessary! I made sure to be there for them whenever they needed me, to never ever let my job title be the reason why I wouldn’t get in the mud with them to help out wherever needed. And most importantly, to always have their back! There was no-one or anything coming past me to them. Especially when I didn’t agree with it. Anyone would have to come by me before they could get to them. I knew and experienced how hard they were working, I knew the truth of all that was happening on the day to day, and so I had their back to the end.

And this is how my team embodied loyalty and trust! Portrayed authenticity, compassion, love, empathy, team, community and commitment.

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